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About Me...

Dear Submissives,
Mistress Lory has a new website and will now be referred to as


Here you will find, contact details and the latest videos and images of London's sensual and severe Mistress, Madame Python x

As you read through my site you may get the feeling that I am one dimensional, cruel, strict and merciless, but rest assured that, although these are genuine aspects of my personality, I am a truly kind and caring person in my private life which you will get to meet before and after our session, it’s this side of me that stands ready at all points throughout our session to call an immediate halt to proceedings if I feel things are going too far too fast. 


It should be understood that I am the type of dominatrix that demands total obedience, anything less will be noted and you’ll be punished accordingly during our session. No exceptions….


I welcome both novice and experienced subs in to my domain and can deliver a playful / erotic / sexy session for the novices if this is required or a more intense and realistic session for my more experienced subs who are willing to fully submit to a truly cruel and sadistic Mistress. 


To be clear Mistress Lory will not tolerate any of the following 


  • Talking or making noise of any kind when I have explicitly told you not to.

  • Arguing, bickering or back chatting.

  • Looking at me when I have not given you explicit instructions to.

  • Trying to negotiate a lesser punishment from the one I have decided you deserve.

I have many years of experience which affords me a unique ability to penetrate a subs mind to understand what makes him or her tick, my primary goal is always to seek and test limits where appropriate. I find anything less to be a failure on my part and equally a disappointment where the sub is concerned, not surprisingly the sub may be glad they have “been let off lightly” at the time, but I know they will feel they missed out when reflecting on our session together

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