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Restrained in my ankle and wrist cuffs you will experience a true sense of vulnerability and surrender, being Immobilised in this position as I generously smear lubricant between your bottom cheeks will reinforce what submission really means. 


Once I have you in this compromised position I like to take my time prior to penetrating your tight little bottom, almost in a ritualistic way. 


I love watching the expressions change on my subs face as I show him one by one the different toys that I will insert into his bottom over the course of the next hour. Sometimes I like to explain the sensations that he can expect from each toy and other times I just leave it up to his imagination so he can enjoy the surprise. 


Obviously I have your best interests at heart which translates into a short warmup with my gloved fingers. Nothing signifys the commencement of an anal play session like the sound of a mistress standing behind you slowly putting on a rubber glove, the sound of which is unmistakable. 


Please ensure that you are COMPLETELY clean down there, failure to do so will bring an immediate end to any further anal play. 


I have tips that can assist with this process and will share those with you during our email correspondence.


It is also important to note that I take hygiene and safety very seriously so rest assured that all my toys will be meticulously sterilised and everything will be covered with a condom prior to penetration.

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