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Cane & Go...

My (Cane & Go) sessions are typically 45 minutes in duration and I charge £120 for this experience. The shorter session time is simply a reflection of how most submissives struggle to tolerate much more than 30 minutes of sustained caning, paddling, whipping etc, the additional 15 minutes provides well needed time to warm up and warm down before and after the main event. 


If your punishment is needed as a way to repent for some unacceptable behaviour on your part then I would be delighted to scold you prior to the commencement of your sentence. 


Most of my subs are simply ashamed of the amount they masturbate, and need me to help them curb or significantly reduce this disgusting behaviour. This would truly be my pleasure. 


Generally speaking, unless you specify otherwise you will be bound to my bed, spread eagle and at this point the scolding will begin for whatever misbehaviour you have been brave enough to own up to. 


I truly believe an effective punishment session is as much about the mental torture as it is about the pain you feel on your exposed bottom. 


One of my favourites is to allow my sub five minutes to learn how to count from one to ten in language of my choosing, I will consequently deliver my strokes in sets of ten, but as it is often the case the sub will forget how to say a particular number and I will be forced to start the set from the beginning, over and over again…..


Alternatively just simply varying how I deliver the stokes can be the cause of immense torture, for instance for the first 10 stokes I will rest the cane on your bottom for several seconds so you are fully aware of its presence then as I raise the cane above my head you will know in no uncertain terms that you only have a second maybe two before the cane returns to your bottom with as much force as I can muster, at this point your brain will be aware of the aforementioned pattern and expect this to continue, this is when the fun really begins…. 

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