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CBT is a favourite session type of mine and definitely one where I excel the most, I take great pride in the pain, pleasure and discomfort I can cause to your vulnerable private parts, obviously I have a wide variety of scary looking tools to inflict these sensations, but often revert back to the tiny point of my 4 inch heels to make sure my submissive knows who is calling the shots…. 


I insist on regular displays of gratitude and appreciation during our CBT sessions and if I don’t hear enough “Thank you Mistress” then that will often signal the time is right to unleash my whip. Just wait to you feel this thing striking the inside of your thighs, nipples or penis. 


My whip is also very effective at removing a submissives erection, when one is present but my approval and permission has not been granted.


Remember EVERYTHING requires permission from Mistress Lory when you are in her domain, so should you detect the onset of an erection you better quickly start begging and pleading with me to gain my approval otherwise your erection will be removed, “don’t worry I have a variety of ways to achieve this” and your ridiculous excuse for a penis will be locked in a cage until I deem it appropriate to be released. 


For those submissives who continually miss behave during our session or fail to demonstrate the necessary level of gratitude I deem appropriate. I have a special set of weights that can be attached comfortably or uncomfortably to your penis and testicles with varying thicknesses of string or wire. If you can keep your hands to yourself during this process then I am happy to leave you unbound, but should you insist on interfering then I will make you stand in the middle of the room with your hands cuffed behind your back and a leg spreader attached to your ankles, putting you in this predicament gives me full access to your vulnerable manhood and is perfect for me to pull on the weights to control the level of pain you feel.


For those of you who are new to CBT or are nervous of how much you can tolerate I can replace all of the above with just my hands and long perfectly manicured nails. But rest assured this is still not for the faint hearted so relax in the knowledge that your little penis will still be put through its paces.

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