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Corporal Punishment...

My corporal punishment sessions come in several flavours ranging from light to very serve and in some cases, extreme, where a judicial caning is the only thing that will sufficiently extract a genuine heart fealt apology and a true sense of remorse.


Genuine remorse is a very important aspect of a corporal punishment session, and I will always seek this result, “unless we have agreed otherwise” as it truly brings an element of realism to you punishment.


This is something I suspect you will regret agreeing to during our session as the effects of my more severe implements cause wave after wave of pain to course through your body bringing you to an utter state of desperation as you beg and plead with me for mercy, but yet my resolve remains steadfast. 


Rest assured that once it is over you will be glad I pushed you to your limits and a little beyond. Imagine the memories that will find their way to the forefront of your mind as you struggle to sit comfortably over the coming days. 


It is not uncommon for a sub to cry, (if they haven’t already) when I finally whisper in their ear “ it’s over” this is simply the adrenaline draining from their body as it is simultaneously replaced with endorphins. during this time I will normally leave the sub restrained for another few minutes to allow them time to focus on and enjoy these feelings and emotions. 


My corporal punishment sessions can be customised to accommodate a wide range of needs but to do this effectively, email or text correspondence is essential in order to set clear boundaries and expectations.


Click here for more details on the initial correspondence stage of booking a session with me

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