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Electri Play...

Nothing induces obedience and subservience quite like a remote control E-Stim device inserted into a submissive bottom and his hands secured in front of him, it is as this point that all you have in the world is “hope” …. 


Hope that I don’t feel it necessary to ramp up the voltage setting on the remote control, hope that I don’t get trigger happy with that big red button, hope that you can behave yourself to “my standards” 


You’ll think as all subs do prior to the first electric shock in their anal passage that you are a tough guy and can take whatever I do to you. Well let me reassure you it only ever takes a mere 3 seconds of my finger holding that button down for your entire perception of how tough you are and who is calling the shots to be turned completely upside down…


Alternatively I can introduce your pathetic little cock to my E-Wand, I have a variety of techniques that I like to employ to achieve this but my favourite is to have your hands cuffed behind your back and legs forced apart with ankle spreader, I’ll then position you up against the wall, this helps you keep your balance as you go weak at the knees from the shock of electricity pulsing through your penis and balls. I will fully install a sense of doom as I grab your face with my clawed finger tips and pull it to within a couple of inches of me so I can look you right in the eyes as I slowly stroke your genitals with my wand. Obviously I will give you the opportunity to beg me not to shock you, sometimes I’ll take pity on my submissives, but most of the time I don’t, for the simple reason that I get so much joy watching the expression change on your face as I finally push the button. 


Last but by no means least, just imagine what I can accomplish when I combine a metal chastity cage and the crocodile clamps from my E-Stim kit. I’ll leave how this little fun game plays out completely to your imagination.


As will all of my sessions the intensity can be dialled up or down to accommodate your specific needs hence the importance of communication prior to your appointment, or in person before the session commences. 

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