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Foot Worship...

My feet, as you can imagine are as beautiful as the rest of your Mistress Lory, consequently the degree of worship they require is probably far beyond what a slave like you can provide, but I believe in giving everyone a fair chance. 


Letting you worship my feet demonstrates my generosity and my willingness to give you a chance at proving yourself.


The quickest way to display your subservient nature is to remove all of your clothes, then take the collar that I have placed on the side and secure it around your neck, drop to your knees and hand me the lead….. 


Once I have full control, you will be invited to remove my stilettos and massage my feet, if you deliver anything other than the most attentive of massages I will pull on that lead so hard that I yank the laziness right out of you. If you still don’t get the message I’ll grab the back of your head and stuff my beautiful foot as far down your throat as possible….. 


You’ll choke and gag, I’ll laugh hysterically, but you will have gotten the message… 


If I’m satisfied with the massage you delivered with your hands you may be permitted to use your tongue and lips to to finish the job, be warned if either find their way above my ankles you will find yourself on the receiving end of the most severe consequences. Think sharp high heel / soft private parts and you should get the picture.


My collection of stilettos regularly require cleaning by a slaves tongue which will give you the perfect opportunity to gain “Happy Mistress” points, keeping me in a good mood throughout our session will greatly increase your chances of being rewarded with a mistress induced orgasm.


But remember this pleasure is reserved for only the most obedient of slaves. 

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