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Humiliating a sub and toying with his emotions whilst breaking down his barriers feels me with immense joy and satisfaction, I love to watch as my sub is transported into complete servitude mentally and physically. 


Generally speaking a humiliation session is all about my amusement, but I do dig deep and attempt to find a tiny amount of generosity to allow my sub to determine some of the proceedings during our time together, hence the importance of your ability to convey your preferences, which should be done via email to save valuable time during our session, this will also give us a chance to discuss and set clear boundaries.


I can accommodate everything from sissification to pony rides and most things in between. 


Turning a man into a woman is so much fun, from applying an unnecessary amount of makeup to picking just the right dress to make him look ever so beautiful or absolutely ridiculous, and for those subs how behave themselves impeccably I will even allow them to wear my used panties to further degrade you. 


Humiliation is such a personal thing that it would take forever to list all of the nuances that can be present in this type of session hence why it is essential that you outline your requirements in as much detail as possible.

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