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Confession of a slave....

I encountered Mistress Lory’s profile on the UK Professional Mistress’ Directory website and immediately felt compelled and controlled. Being a pathetic, sissy, loser, I have always been overwhelmed and unassertive when talking to beautiful women, and conversing with Mistress Lory was no different. My heart raced as I browsed Her website. We arranged a session when I meekly sent a message on WhatsApp. Within moments of this initialcontact, Mistress took hold of me; using Her beauty and charm to encourage me to reveal about my fetishes and tastes. My desire as an impotent, pindick loser to be locked in chastity and controlled by a beautiful, Dominant woman. We met for an online video call this next day. When the time finally came, my heart raced as the phone rang. I answered and was immediately transfixed. Her stunning green eyes, her luscious blond hair and red lipstick had me weak at my knees. Her domineering presence overwhelmed me and took me to that place of feeling sweetly submissive like a good sissy should. I knew that this was the Dominant Goddess who must take control and ownership over my pathetic sissy life. I was ordered to strut around naked and wearing a ball gag and dance for cock like a pathetic sissy. Whilst this was going on, Mistress told me how weak and pathetic I am. It was a mind-blowing experience and I felt utterly under Her control, willing to forgo my dignity and my orgasms just to impress Her and make Her laugh. I can’t wait to be under Her spell again! Gabby Gallo
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