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When you first arrive you will be greeted by Lory, who is kind, caring and very friendly, I will spend the first 5 to 10 minutes helping you relax and acclimatise.


If at this point we are both comfortable with one another and more importantly I am happy to accept you as my sub I will ask you to place the tribute on the table next to the Hand Cuffs.


This is the moment where you get to meet Mistress Lory.  

Dear Submissives,
Mistress Lory has a new website and will now be referred to as


Here you will find, contact details and the latest videos and images of London's sensual and severe Mistress, Madame Python x



Regardless of the type of session we have planned, you will be ordered to take off all of your clothes, fold them very neatly in a pile and hand them to me, 


next, you’ll be told to turn around and put your hands behind your back, once handcuffed I’ll take hold of the chain between the cuffs and guide you upstairs to my play space or into the dungeon


I’ll then place you in the corner facing the wall whilst I prepare the equipment I intend to use on your naked and vulnerable body. 


I appreciate the way I start my sessions may seem a little intense, even scary at times, you’d be right to have this opinion, but there is a point to it. 


Which is, you will be sure in no uncertain terms who is in charge, this is essential for our session to be satisfying for both of us.


For a more detailed explanation of how a specific session may unfold please click on the links below.



I am also happy to discuss the possibility of a session in one or more of the following activities


  • Adult Babies

  • Age Play

  • Fisting

  • Ball Busting

  • Blindfolds

  • Body Worship – Clothed; Not intimate

  • Breath Play / Breath Control

  • Caging – Short Term / Overnight

  • Chastity

  • Collars

  • Corsets

  • Confinement

  • Dog Training

  • Domestic Discipline

  • Domestic Service / Butler & Maid / Chauffeur

  • Double / Triple / Multiple Sessions

  • Edge Play

  • Enforced Exercise / Weight Loss / Diet

  • Face Sitting / Smothering / Ass Worship – Clothed

  • Face Slapping / Spitting / Hair Pulling

  • Feminisation / Maid Training / Sissification

  • Forced Feminization / Slut Training

  • Financial Servitude

  • FinDom / Blackmail

  • Food Sploshing

  • Gags

  • Glove Fetish

  • Human Furniture

  • Intelligence Fetish / Psychological Domination

  • Interrogation Scenarios / Kidnapping Scenarios

  • Introduction to BDSM for Newbies / Quick Taster

  • Key Holding & Chastity

  • Leather Fetish

  • Latex Rubber Fetish

  • Leg / Nylon worship

  • Knife Play

  • Maid, Sissy, Slut Training

  • Needle play

  • Mid-Week / Week-End stay overs

  • Mummification

  • Nail Fetish

  • Nipple Torture and Tease

  • Objectification / Corner time

  • Orgasm Control and Denial

  • Overnight / Extended Sessions

  • Pony, Puppy Play

  • Role Play Scenarios

  • School Classroom Scenarios

  • Slave Training / Obedience Training

  • Smoking Fetish

  • Shopping Slaves

  • Smothering

  • Spitting

  • Take Me Out For Lunch, Dinner or Shopping

  • Tickling

  • Tie & Tease / Tease & Denial / Eye Contact

  • Toilet Training

  • Trampling / Kicking / Stomping / Dancing

  • Travel and Trips – National / International

  • Wax & Candle Play

  • Wet and Messy


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